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  • Bradley James Davies

Better Leaders; Better Schools Podcast

I love Danny Bauer and his work at Better Leaders Better Schools. He’s created a compelling following of “ruckus makers,” educators committed to three things:

1) Continuous growth 

2) Challenging the status quo

3) Designing the future of school today

As a ruckus maker wannabe, I was thrilled to join forces with Danny on his podcast. Danny is the most unique and compelling voice I’ve experienced in the Ed space. Where so many approach the work of supporting leaders with an “I’m awesome be like me” attitude, Danny cuts through the platitudes, rolls up his sleeves, and tells it like it is. 

It’s in that spirit that he and I explore how low and lost I got while leading and how to help others avoid what I experienced. Best yet, I get to tell a great story about one of my favorite souls, John Herzfeld, and the time he rallied through an evening of parent teacher conferences while experiencing a heart attack! Talk about dedication! 

Thanks to Danny for the profound impact he’s having on education! 

Hope you enjoy our conversation and find it helpful. 

Check it out via the link below...

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