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Blue Skies

School Leadership from A to Z:
How to Lead Well Without Losing Your Way

More and more school leaders are struggling with the ever-expanding expectations and associated stressors of the role. As a result, legions of educational leaders are limping into work every day—or worse, walking away altogether.

In School Leadership from A to Z, Bradley James Davies hopes to turn the tide and bring more joy and wellness back to the principal’s office. Through a series of short, alphabetized essays, Davies draws on his two decades of serving elementary, middle, and high schools as a teacher, coach, and administrator to bring you the best practices, most effective approaches, and tried-and-true tricks of the trade. Via stories of his struggles and successes, Davies’ refreshingly funny insights offer a way forward toward a place where both leading and living well need not be as rare as a copy machine that never breaks down.

School Leadership from A to Z is a must-read insider’s peek behind the curtain of the good, bad, and ugly of school leadership. Part how-to, part memoir, this humble and humorous guide will help school leaders in every stage of their career take their work to new levels.

School Leadership From A to Z
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Praise for SCHOOL LEADERSHIP from A to Z

"School Leadership from A to Z is a treasure house for anyone who has ever stepped into a school environment. Davies writes with a great sense of humor, yet it is balanced with words of wisdom that educators can identify with...It's a must-read for anyone concerned with education and with the challenges it presents to those who work behind the scenes."

-Readers' Favorite Official Review 

"This book is a must-read for school leaders. As a former principal and superintendent, I am so grateful that this important message of the human side of school leadership is out there. The author, with his self-deprecating, often hilarious, and honest vulnerability reminds principals and aspiring school leaders that the struggles and frustrations they face are not unique to them."

-E. Burmeister 

"As a former school administrator who got out of the profession, I would recommend this book to anyone in a school leadership position...Although it covers some difficult topics, this book is an easy and humorous read - it makes the reader want more. If I had this book prior to my resignation from admin, I might have been happier and lasted longer."

-Amazon Customer 

"An easy, flowing read with deep substance, hilarious stories and quips, and practical, easy-to-digest advice. Davies skillfully weaves real-life stories together with reflections and practical advice. Highly recommend!"

-Megan V. 

"This book is so well written and is full of tips that can be put into practice immediately as well as thought-provoking personal anecdotes that helped me to really reflect on my work as a leader."


Blue Skies

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