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Best-selling author, speaker, and former Oscar Mayer Wienermobile driver with decades of corporate and nonprofit leadership experience, I founded Falkor, a leadership and life consultancy dedicated to helping clients lead better, live better, and love better.


As a graduate of Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching Program via their Institute for Transformational Leadership, I invest in leaders dedicated to becoming their best selves and living their best lives. My clients span all sectors, from technology and entertainment to government and education, and all levels of leadership, from rising stars to c-suite veterans.


Specializing in life-transitions, work-life balance, team dynamics, leadership wellness, and adult development, I blend a light-hearted style with a keen ability to get to the heart of the matter. I bring to the table a unique capacity to simplify and summarize the complex and the confidence to compassionately challenge when needed. As a result, I successfully help clients expand their self awareness, leverage their strengths, and implement best practices designed to optimize life both at work and at home.


In addition to coaching leaders, I also speak and facilitate workshops on listening, wellness, and transformational leadership.

My first book, School Leadership from A to Z: How to Lead Well Without Losing Your Way, is about the ups, downs, and all-arounds of school life and leadership. In my wildest dreams, it will help start a revolution of radical self-care and personal growth among school leaders.

The son of a bricklayer dad and bookworm mom, I was born and raised in Minnesota. When not roaming the Earth as a speaker, coach, and wannabe photographer, I call Madrid, Spain home.

Learn more about my work and journey via Instagram at bradley.james.davies, Facebook at Bradley James Davies, or TikTok at bradleyjamesdavies.



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