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There is no one-size-fits-all prescription for leading and living better. Therefore, an individualized approach is required to help clients identify and accomplish personal and professional hopes and dreams. As an ICF-certified coach trained at Georgetown University with over two decades of institutional leadership experience, I provide a growth journey precisely tailored to clients' needs. 


My approach helps leaders evolve and thrive via expanded self-awareness, strategic leveraging of strengths, and the embrace of best practices designed to optimize professional performance and personal life priorities. 


The bottom line result is a better you, both at work and at home.

Reach out today at for a free consultation to learn more about how executive leadership coaching can prove a critical component of your personal and professional growth journey.

Coaching Testimonials

"Working with Davies has been indispensable for my leadership development and personal growth. Our sessions are insightful, thoughtful, funny, and I always leave with helpful perspectives. I can’t imagine doing this work without a leadership coach, and I can’t imagine doing it with anyone else."

-Amy, Elementary School Principal

"Davies has been super helpful in guiding me through a few tricky situations...He is personable, asks great questions, and I always enjoy our time together. Having led at every level (elementary, middle, and high school) and having had hard times in leadership himself, he brings great knowledge and a welcomed humility to his work as a coach. I couldn't recommend him more highly."

-Meghan, Middle School Principal

"Davies balances a calm, caring demeanor with questions that consistently get to the heart of the matter. He also combines lots of compassion with good amounts of humor such that I feel safe sharing with him, supported when I do, and stronger after each session...He's humble, hilarious, and super helpful."

-Bobby, Former High School Principal and Current Charter School Managing Director

"Davies has a way of gently unpacking complex challenges to get at the heart of the matter...and the heart and soul of a person. He is a thoughtful, empowering guide for both professional and personal journeys. And he has a wonderful sense of humor!"

-Kari, Head of School

"Working with Davies has been a game changer for me, both personally and professionally...Due to his ability to dissect a topic with you and push you to put those learnings into practice, I trust him to help me navigate any challenge thrown my way."

-Asa, Senior Manager, Business Development

"I was able to reach some transformational insights about myself through my work with Davies. He is gracious and encouraging and also doesn't shy away from challenging you...He draws richly from a variety of life experiences and his passion for coaching and guiding comes through in every interaction."

-Scott, Senior Vice President, Technology Product Development

"Davies is a grounded and authentic coach who challenged me with just the right amount of compassion and tough love...I owe a great deal of my current trajectory to his willingness to journey with me."

-Nicole, Lieutenant Colonel (ret.)

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