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  • Bradley James Davies

Hey, Sleepy Head!...Dr. Chatterjee Explores the Power of Sleep and Easy Fixes for Better Rest

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

I really value Feel Better; Live More. I especially love Dr. Chatterjee's bitesize episodes--summaries of his longer form episodes. Great stuff and so humbly well done.

This episode on sleep is well worth a full listen. It starts slowly, so beware, but then blew me away with its insights. As someone who powerfully feels the difference between my healthy self now and my sleep-impoverished self of the past, I cannot agree more with the importance of sleep emphasized here.

Some doozies to consider:

  • "Sleep is the most important health contributor, before diet and activity."

  • "Sleep is the best performance-enhancing drug."

  • As for alcohol, "sedation is not sleep."

  • As for coffee, join me in switching to decaffeinated! Had no idea that decaf is not no-caf. Who knew?! Think of it as diet soda and consider making the switch. Your sleep will improve and your mornings will not be impacted. I made the switch to decaf, and as I ease into the day with my morning coffee, I feel and taste no difference. But at night, I feel the difference big time as I fall asleep like a baby.

Enjoy! And here's to our health!

p.s. Please share your favorite podcast episodes with me!

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