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  • Bradley James Davies

I is for Introverts Beware

Updated: May 25, 2023

I feel super honored to be included in the May edition of the National Association of Independent Schools' Independent Ideas Blog.

Below is a teaser, along with the link to the full essay.

Hope my fellow introverts find it helpful!



Commenting on how exhausted I was at the end of each workday, my partner would say to me often, “Everyone else gets the best you.”

Sadly, she was right.

When I was a division head and head of school, I struggled to honor healthy wellness practices and work-life boundaries. Too often, I limped home from work, ignored phone calls from close friends, and passed on opportunities to cultivate community outside of my school world. I became desperate for time to recharge, and I’d drive home in the quiet, not even listening to the music I love so much. Grasping for every bit of personal battery renewal before another day of school life, I’d drive back to work the next morning in silence, too. I flexed to flourish at school, and as a result, I floundered where it mattered most: with my family and friends. Why? Because I’m an introvert—living in an extrovert’s world...

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