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  • Bradley James Davies

Making Smarter Decisions and Knowing When to Walk Away via Annie Duke & All the Hacks

Updated: May 24, 2023

Greetings from Vanlife!

I just listened to this episode of All the Hacks and found it super informative. I have been a fan of All the Hacks for a good while and commend it in general for all things travel tips. But, it regularly ventures into life hacks too, which I have valued very much. Full disclosure, it was complicit in convincing me to buy crypto at perhaps the most inopportune time. Doh! But, at least Annie Duke encouraged me to eat my losses and live to forage for food another day. :-)

Whether you have experienced a relationship gone wrong, a frustrating job, or a misguided investment, this quick listen will be worth your time and help you not to make the same mistakes again.


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